Physical Gold

1 November 2018

Andrew O'Donnell, Managing Director

The dystopic, nightmarish future conjured by gold detractors is ending. The story was shaped as a dystopian future were people bought physical gold because they knew the financial system would fail and gold coins would be required to buy food. The story is meant to conjure ideas of apocalyptic times where survivalists scurry to find resources, an ‘end of times’ narrative...continue reading Physical Gold

Great Bear Resources: A Great Roar Waking the Mining Sector

27 October 2018

Andrew O'Donnell, Managing Director

Among native mythology bears play an important role of both enforcer, protector, guardian and as their nature they imbued strength and power. The name is aptly chosen for this company and I have heard some exploration geologists in Canada talk about how bears seem to protect areas of drill targets. That maybe they are guardians of good drill targets only relinquished to those deserving. I have had stories recounted of bear charges and encounters where geologists remain unharmed and find outcrop or grab samples with significant results for drill target selection...continue reading Great Bear Resources

Vanadium: Will the Norse goddess of fertility bring a bountiful future?

7 May 2018

Andrew O'Donnell, Managing Director

Vanadium represents a beautiful, understated opportunity. This rare, not naturally occurring metal does not corrode and is known for making things stronger, much stronger. It is auspiciously named after Freya, the Norse goddess of beauty and fertility. When extracted and added to water the range of colours from the many compounds signifies the beauty while its position as a world changer in energy, battery storage and green tech illustrates its potentiality....continue reading Great Bear Resources


Andrew O'Donnell, Managing Director

Trying to make copper sexy and alluring is difficult. I think people would agree that it is physically interesting both in its natural color as well as green when oxidized, but it is not stunning. It is a tough sell as an alluring metal. So, we are forced to look at the awesome facts, data and demand. We must look at it from its complete necessity not only in infrastructure, but in the green technology boom, electronics, and the current arbitrage potential between the commodity price and the producers’ stock price...continue reading Great Bear Resources