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The International Mining Investment Conference has come to a successful end. The daylong event had strong attendance and overall enthusiasm about future. Most companies are in the middle of drilling programs and this is a chance to get a sense of the sentiment and overall mood. These events allow investors, and the public to learn more about the sector and hear directly from Presidents and CEO’s of companies. It is a great chance for people to learn about the space from the academics, and professionals in it. One of the greatest things about these events are these experts you meet, and I was fortunate enough to be able to sit down with Dr. Ewan Webster.

Dr. Webster is an exploration geologist who began his career in geology at the University of Glasgow, Scotland where he was awarded a First-Class Honors degree. Following this he went on to pursue a Geoscience B.C. funded Ph.D. at the University of Calgary. This focused on unravelling aspects of the structure, stratigraphy, tectonics, and metamorphism of southeastern British Columbia, to establish a sound geological framework in which to place the region’s abundant and diverse mineral deposits. Ewan went on to become an instructor in the Geological Technology program at Yukon College. He is currently a senior consultant to the exploration team focused in NW British Columbia.

Andrew O’Donnell: Hi Dr Webster, my name is Andrew O’Donnell from Super Charged Stocks. I interviewed the President of Juggernaut Dan Stuart back on February 5th, 2018 with Peter Newton from CEO.ca, a lot has happened since then. I see Juggernaut has closed a $2,743,000 institutionally supported oversubscribed financing and you are now fully funded to drill these exciting new bedrock discoveries. Ewan Maybe you could give us a bit of a back ground on yourself, where that interesting accent you have is from that everybody keeps asking about and a touch up on where Juggernauts is at before we get more target specific.

EWAN WEBSTER: Hi Andrew, thanks for talking to me today and your correct, it is indeed great to be fully funded and supported by some of the smartest money in the business. Coincidently, this has allowed our exploration program to get under way as of May 15th!
I am originally from Scotland and grew up just outside Glasgow. I attended Glasgow University where I completed my undergraduate degree in Earth Sciences. I then went on to pursue a Geoscience BC funded PhD at the University of Calgary, where I studied the tectonic evolution of the southeastern Canadian Cordillera in BC. The goal of this was to establish a sound geological framework in which to place the region’s abundant and diverse mineral deposits.

ANDREW: Where are your two 100% controlled projects located?

EWAN: Just outside of the Major Northern City of Terrace British Columbia, which has a population of about 30,000. Juggernauts Midas Property is only 14 km to major power, CN rail, and roads. Our Empire property is only 8 km to major power, CN Rail, and highways, both projects are also logging road accessible.
ANDREW: That is great. Being close to infrastructure is important. I was wondering if you could you speak to the geological model?
EWAN: Well, Andrew we have only spent a total of 30 days on both Midas and Empire, so we are in the early stages of developing working exploration models. However, Empire has indications of a Porphyry system and several of the zones have strong similarities to VMS style mineralization. Midas has indications of both Orogenic and VMS signatures. Both properties are located in a world class geologic setting with multiple new high-grade bedrock discoveries that will be tested with the drill bit this year.

ANDREW: What are the primary commodities you have on both Empire and Midas?

EWAN: These are genuinely polymetallic discoveries, meaning multi element. There is Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc, and lead.
ANDREW: Tell us about your exploration team?
EWAN: Our technical team is headed up by Dr Stefan Kruse. Collectively the team has a proven track record of success and several of the members have been recognized by their peers in the industry for discoveries.
ANDREW: What’s your 2018 plan?
Ewan: Ultimately, we will be drilling many of the newly discovered high-grade bedrock discoveries that have been found on both Empire and Midas as a result of rapid glacial and snowpack abetment. However, before drilling commences we are flying airborne geophysics that will help refine and focus the forthcoming ground-based exploration and drill programs, including: geological mapping, IP geophysical surveys, trenching, alteration and whole rock studies, soil sampling, prospecting, and ultimately diamond drilling. With the spectacular mineralization we are seeing on surface I think we could be one drill hole away from a major world class discovery…..it’s going to be an extremely exciting summer!

ANDREW: What’s are the key areas you are focusing on at your Midas & Empire properties?

EWAN: At Midas we are focusing on The King Solomon Zone which is within a district scale 18 x 10 km quartz, sericite, pyrite alteration zone that was mapped by the British Columbia Geological Survey in 2007. The King Solomon Zone is a newly discovered 2.1 km X 1.6KM gold mineralized corridor.
On the Empire property we are focused on multiple new bedrock discoveries along the 5.5km Inca trend, that trend contains potassic and phyllic alteration coupled with widespread high grade polymetallic mineralization, indicating we have a large feeder source at depth. 3.5 km north of the Inca Trend we discovered the ‘Big One Anomaly’, which is a large geophysical anomaly at the North End of the Empire property that is set to be drilled this summer.

Andrew: You know I have to ask: can you elaborate on the ‘Big One Anomaly’ and why it has so many people excited?

Ewan: Well Andrew, I think it is partly the geological setting: Hazelton group volcanics, adjacent to the Quock formation which is contemporaneous with the development of the Eskay Rift to the west, the presence of marine fossils, and Geoscience BC also identified this as an anomaly when they flew the Quest survey in this area. Focusing on the anomaly itself, it is a strongly conductive body measuring 1000 by 800 by 300 metres. The conductive zone comes to within 30 m of the surface and remains open to depth. The tabular shape of the conductive body, the presence of sulphides including chalcopyrite on surface, and the presence of marine fossils in the area are all strong indicators of being near what was a hydrothermal vent system, a black smoker. These results demonstrate Big One has strong potential to be a VMS. Drilling this summer will test the core of this anomalous body!

Andrew: RockStar was found at the End of the exploration season in 2017 but provided some of the most exciting results from the field, what’s the plan with Rockstar in the 2018 exploration season?

Ewan: Discovering Rockstar was an incredible way to end the 2017 exploration season for the team. With the two days we spent on Rockstar what we discovered was semi-massive sulphides lenses and stringers hosted in a layered sequence of pervasively altered Hazelton group volcanics. This year we will be flying high resolution airborne magnetics, which has already begun. This will be followed by a thorough ground-based exploration program including: geological mapping, IP geophysical surveys, an alteration and whole rock study, prospecting, and ultimately diamond drilling.

Andrew: The results we have seen to date from your second 100% controlled Midas property remind me of some of the larger gold discoveries I have seen in my career prior to drilling. Can you tell me about Midas and what the plans are for that project?

Ewan: As I mentioned earlier Midas is situated within an 18 x 10 km alteration system that was mapped by the BCGS. They also mapped a sequence of marine volcanics and suggested this region was prospective for VMS deposits and the alteration system may be a result of such a deposit. Post-volcanic deformation appears to have remobilized gold and polymetallic mineralization into faults, shear zones, and along foliation planes. Recent alteration and petrographic studies that we completed indicate the King Solomon Zone could be part of an orogenic mineralizing system.
The 2.1 kilometre by 1.6 kilometre King Solomon Zone is defined by the presence of bedrock-hosted, polymetallic and gold mineralized channel, chip, and grab samples. Highlights include multiple channel cuts which intersect a N-S trending, mineralized shear zone at the VG showing. Mineralized intervals from these channels included 4.34 metres of 10.28 grams per tonne gold, 4.95 meters of 2.01 grams per tonne gold and 2.13 metres of 13.3 grams per tonne gold.
The airborne magnetic survey that is ongoing at Empire is also underway at Midas and it will be followed-up by a similar systematic ground-based exploration program including: geological mapping, an IP survey, trenching, an alteration and whole rock study, soil sampling, prospecting, and ultimately our inaugural diamond drill program.

Andrew: Well thanks again Ewan and all the best to you and your team this exploration season. My subscribers are already up X % since my first interview and by the sounds of it were still well ahead of the curve on this more than exciting story.

EWAN: Thanks Andrew and all the best to you as well.

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